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Great for trolling Transmits great surging action to your lure Cause fish to strike

Sep's Pro Fishing UV Dodger

Dodgers/Flashers - Tackle Haven

Super Series Dodger Flasher, 11 Mirror Chrome : Sports & Outdoors

Fishing Dodgers & Flashers

Dodgers & Flashers


When Trolled at slow speeds, the dodger transmits a swimming, surging action to your lure or bait. Its side-to-side erratic motion produces vibrations and action that cause fish to strike. SEPS 4/0 Dodgers (1-1/4 x 4) are lightweight and effective.

Sep's Pro Fishing Dodger, 4/0, Silver

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Understanding Flashers vs Dodgers

Dodgers and Flashers – Lake Michigan Angler A

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